In General, What Kinds of Things Does the SHIFT Pen Address?

The SHIFT pen:
  • Balances and re-aligns Axiatonal lines
  • Initiates Phase Inversion protocols
  • Assists in Higher Self connection during use
  • Raises vibration to 5D 
  • Built-in Self-cleaning mechanism
  • Breaks/severs Dark Energy Strands (Cords)
  • Releases non-productive, interfering judgements upon Self
  • Frees up stuck energy and neutralizes binary codes
  • Brings one into their M.B.O. (most benevolent outcome) 
  • Clears any interfering agents, such as entities, discarnates, etc.
  • Restores energetic balance in various energy points (Training available)
  • Restores healthy frequencies back into drinking water
  • Polarizes toxic energy patterns in water
  • Clears non-supportive frequencies lodged in the food we eat
  • Dislodges certain kinds of Implants and Self-Sabotage
  • Energetically corrects Rouleau formation
  • Allows emotional blocks to surface and clear (Training available)
  • Introduces a re-aligning protocol into the spine (Training available)
  • Balances/Clears all the major chakras
  • Improves water with which to more easily hydrate
  • Scours/Cleans the aura of the most common energetic debris 
  • Allows people to choose a new way of living, through positive change 
  • Acts as an Energy Rake, removing compaction blocks, mesh armor, scar
  • Scar tissue, adhesions, old thought forms, curses, spells, etc.
  • Functions as a universal color healing tool comprised of 20 different colors
  • Supplies the essence of Black Tourmaline (Etheric Vacuum Cleaner)
  • Sets in motion a very powerful grounding effect upon the body
  • Connects user through Quantum Entanglement to several hundred Homeopathic-type rates (Training available)

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