Advanced workshops will be available on all topics listed below:

Use circular motions…they can spiral, either clockwise or counter-clockwise.
You can start going from large to small, or small to large. You can also change the speed that you do all this. Let your Higher Self guide you.

You can zig-zag back and forth or use crisscross patterns. Again, speed can vary.

The pen tip can be aimed and pointed directly towards the area

Areas chosen…pen can be aimed at various areas, such an organ area, an
acupuncture point, a chakra, an area of discomfort, the palms or soles of the feet, both ears. Do you realize, you can shift literally hundreds of areas of the body by simply sweeping across the ears, palms and soles for just 15 sec. each due to all the reflex zones on the ears, hands,
and feet? (see Advanced Protocols Using The SHIFT PEN, due out this Fall)

The pen can be used by actually touching the body, or held a half-inch or more
from the body. (photos work as well when doing long-distance work, more on this later)

Areas can be “swept” by moving the pen back and forth parallel to the body

The second the pen is picked up, and an intention is accessed, your Higher Guidance will “drop in” an idea or instruction on how to use the SHIFT Pen. There is special programming in the pen that specifically activates this protocol when anyone picks up the pen. All they need is the desire to help…that’s it.

The science of acupuncture is at least 4,000 yrs. Old. It’s not a fad. Don’t be afraid to use it. It’s there for you to use. Everything is made of energy. Energy has to flow at all times. A flowing river is healthy, vibrant, alive. If the river is damned up, the flow stops, the water becomes stagnant. The fish die, mold and fungus begins to grow. The water becomes toxic.

When we notice an area of concern, it’s very common that, the actual underlying cause (root cause) is NOT there. You will need to shift both areas. If you “tune in” you may actually feel an area become noticeable while shifting the area you chose first. It’s not your imagination. This could actually happen 3, 4, or 5 times. Amazingly, it’s kind of fun to do!

Just because a problem appears recent, the root cause may have started many years earlier.

One must use patience. It’s not uncommon that a shift is felt instantly, but that does not mean the root cause has been corrected: that could take weeks or months. Impatience will give poor results every time. Don’t forget, you may have a problem brewing for 20 yrs. Then, all of a sudden the “symptom or issue” surfaces, becomes visible to you for the first time, and you think, “gee, this should be easy to resolve…only had it for a week”.

A shift session may be needed once a day, twice or three times daily. Perhaps once a week.

Timing can be important. As a general suggestion, areas can be shifted in 15 sec. Occasionally, 30 sec. works better. Acu-points tend to shift in 10 seconds. Again, use your intuition. Your Higher Guidance always takes precedent over any instructions, whether from books, tapes, videos, websites, etc. A much longer session could certainly be indicated.

The Shift Pen shifts the vibration of animate and inanimate objects and structures from a 3D vibratory state to 5D or higher. Quite simply put, many issues that we are all familiar with simply do not exist or have any expression in 5D.

The SHIFT Pen is an interdimensional tool that affects the present time/space continuum…basically raising everything involved to a higher quantum state.

The SHIFT pen can be used as a phase inversion device, akin to the MORA therapy system.

During meditation, simply hold the pen using two hands, like you would hold onto the front bar of a Ferris Wheel ride at a carnival. It doesn’t matter which end is in which hand. The energy will be moved FROM the body, filtered, cleansed and processed, meaning a phase inversion will take place, then amplified. This means that all the frequencies in your body will be “scrubbed”, the toxic/non-supportive frequencies will be removed, and all the positive/helpful will be “fed” back into your body in an amplified state. You can actually feel this happening, but the time-frame differs, as usual, based on your sensitivity to energy. In my case it takes about 10 min.
Lay down in your bed for a 30 min. session (use timer) Place SHIFT Pen in left hand. Say the words Ninety Ten…Connect…Scan…Correct. Close your eyes and relax. When your timer goes off you are finished. Use this technique once a week.

Relieves that pervading, oppressive subconscious but sometimes conscious “icky” feeling…that nagging little thought that you have in the back of your mind, that you are in a state or position where you just can’t escape from some situation. This could apply to those stubborn little health problems that just won’t resolve, or even involve what’s going on today in the world, the government, the political tension, perhaps even issues at work or with family members.

This technique can be amazing for any part of the body (works through photos as well): Aim the pen at the area, (focal point) and start the tip about 8 or 9 in. away. Start moving the pen in a clockwise motion. Choose the speed that feels comfortable. After you have circled clockwise 10 times or so, slowly move in towards the focal point. (F.P.) Gradually spiral in, making the circles smaller and smaller  You are basically downloading all the most beneficial frequencies for the Highest Good of all. When the tip finally reaches the F.P., touch the tip to the point and wait about 10 sec.  Next, start making tiny counter-clockwise circles. Slowly spiral outward, gradually making them larger and larger. When you reach about 8-9 in., stop and wait 10 sec. You just removed all toxic, non-beneficial frequencies from that F.P. Repeat all this as your higher guidance directs you. Could be once an hour, once a day, once a week, etc. Depends upon circumstances. More often for acute, less often for chronic situations.

When you place the tip to the skin, you can push or tap the pen for a few sec. You choose the speed, strength & time. This causes a piezoelectric type effect in the area. Our skin has a permanent electric dipole moment, which, with pressure creates a voltage response.

“Miracles happen everyday, we just have to open our eyes to see them”

Let’s Shift Now…come along

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