Can You Explain in Simple Terms How the Shift Pen Works?

The SHIFT pen is like a cassette tape. The tape has tiny crystals imbedded onto the tape. An electromagnetic device has been used to download frequencies into those crystals, (music, for example). When you want to listen to the music you place those crystals in front of a device that converts those frequencies into soundwaves. This is exactly how the SHIFT pen works, except, instead of music, we have used special balancing frequencies, such as intentions, affirmations, gem stones, flower essences, commands, essential oils, prayers, etc.

And instead of your ears hearing music, it’s your Biofield that actually “reads” and accepts these frequencies. The SHIFT pen is very scientific. It is NOT magical or mystical. You can use intention with the pen if you wish, but several hundred intentions all activate the moment you pick up the pen.

Your Higher Self does the rest. That was the entire purpose of creating this incredible tool. It’s something everyone can benefit from with no advanced training.

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