How Do I Know If I Did it Right?

 Some people can actually feel the difference. Most are not sensitive enough. In fact, I have known people who can actually see the tentacles attached.

Most of us need to use dowsing. One easy way of dowsing is to use something called Muscle Response Analysis (I swear, this technique for some reason has about a million different names.) There are many
websites you can go to for demonstrations. There are a couple of rules, but it isn’t brain surgery. Everyone can do it.

Use your out-stretched arm, either directly in front of you, or out to the side…in line with your ears. Have
someone muscle test you. (make sure they have seen the training videos) Do not bend your elbow. It should be strong. Then hold the object in your hand, if possible, up against your chest. This also works with photos as well.

You are checking for “FIELD COMPATABILITY”. If the arm weakens, then use your pen on the object or photo for 15 sec. or so, then re-do the evaluation. This time the arm will not drop. (weaken) If you have been into energy medicine-type stuff for even a little while you already know how to use dowsing rods, pendulums, etc. There are lots of ways of verifying what you’ve done.

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