Can My Shift Pen Make Me Feel Worse?

It’s possible to “feel” worse after using the SHIFT pen. We put that word “feel” in quotes for a reason.  Just because you “feel” worse, doesn’t mean you have “gotten” worse. So what’s going on here?

The SHIFT pen increases one’s vibration to a higher rate. This can be different for everyone. As your vibratory rate shifts upward, the wisdom of your “Inner Knower” (Higher Self) will actually “use” that increase in your temporary boost of power for your Highest Good. It will not necessarily DO what you think is best for you in the present moment, although that can and does happen. This is commonly seen when someone uses the SHIFT pen for an area of pain or discomfort. But when working on a chronic issue, you may have to actually feel worse, to feel better. Why is that?

There are several reasons for this phenomenon. When I had a new patient come in to see me I would always ask them how long they had experienced their problem. They would routinely give me answer, such as, a week, a month, maybe 6 months to a year…something along those lines.
I would then have to explain to them the difference of symptoms versus causes. If you are walking along barefoot and step on a tack on the floor, one could argue that the cause of the pain (the symptom) occurred simultaneously with the cause (the sharp tack entering the skin).

Except for trauma, we NEVER feel the cause of the problem…we feel the SYMPTOM. The cause could have occurred months, up to many, many years ago. The problem is not the symptom, even though they can be very painful and aggravating. (various skin conditions, for example). The symptom is simply a message. Your body is “talking” to you. It’s trying to get your attention. It is not saying…”excuse me, here is a symptom…please treat it for me”. It’s saying, hey, look into this please) And if you don’t listen, many times your body will talk louder.

Picture this…

You are driving along and you see this car on fire in the driveway of a home you are passing. You stop, jump out of your car, and ring the doorbell. A young lady (or guy) comes to the door and you yell, “hey, your car is on fire!” The person yells back, “wait here”, and they come back with a bucket of water, which they promptly throw on you. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

It’s exactly the same thing when we decide to treat a symptom. First of all, if you choose to modify the symptom, that has done nothing to correct the cause. Secondly, trying to identify the cause of a symptom can be EXTREMELY challenging for trained professionals. Why would you think YOU could discern the actual cause? Sometimes no one will ever know the actual cause.

All problems start from above downwards. How is that? It’s because we are all spiritual beings having physical experiences. Imbalances start from higher dimensions, then trickle down through various auric/subtle energy layers, to the chakra system, through various axiotonal lines, then finally “coming to rest” so to speak in the actual physical tissues (organs, cells, cell organelles, D.N.A., etc.) Every root cause will almost always be comprised of four parts, a physical manifestation, an emotional manifestation, and finally a mental and Spiritual component. The percentages will vary from problem to problem. For example, a particular condition may be comprised of 10% physical, 50% emotional, 20% mental, and 20% Spiritual.
Obviously, we have just scratched the surface on this topic, but hopefully you have found it helpful.
Dr. Gary Kersey ©2023
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